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Atenolol for Hypertension

Bottom line – atenolol is not as effective as other antihypertensives for preventing CVD events.

Full CAT here


The index pages could summarise the CAT as well as link to it.


Patients with a stroke who had three or more from the predictors vomiting, severe headache, warfarin therapy, initial systolic blood pressure more than 220 mmHg, coma on arrival or initial blood glucose level more than 170 mg/dL, were more likely to have to have an intracranial haemorrhage (67%), than those with no predictors (5%).

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Aortic re-gurgitation

One way to present the actual CATS on the website is to give each an index page like this one. The page will include a link to the CAT itself (opens in a new window), with discussion below.

If we take this approach we still need a CATbank content management system. But we can use a wiki (like jotspot) to do that.

We also need a search engine. We can use the NHS Google Search Appliance to do that.


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Forthcoming Event

This is an example of a forthcoming event. It’s free text, but you can do

  • lists
  • like this

and bold and italic

you can add links too.

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An evidence-based diffusion network in general practices


Research findings are commonly underutilized within primary care. Recent areas of underutilization within the NHS have been undertreatment of hypertension, of atrial fibrillation, and of heart failure.